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Skull Breakers

This forum is for the guild Skull Breakers. We are a Guild War 2 based guild. We are new but skilled and we want to help everyone we can but also kick major ass in the battlefield. Please make sure you register with your character name.
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PostSubject: HAPPY WINTERSDAY!   HAPPY WINTERSDAY! EmptySun Dec 16, 2012 6:04 pm

Yes it is Wintersday here in GW2. So in the holliday spirit I will be giving 20 silver to everyone who registers on the forums during this Wintersday event! Again I do not require you to register for the forums it is your choice but you will not move up the guild if you don't join the community and help us improve as a whole.

Benifits of registering on the forums:
  • 20 Silver Ingame

  • Trusted Member Status ingame which allows you to use the guild bank

  • Read up on all the latest news and guild events are posted in the announcement

  • Request help for quests, money, really anything in the Help Requests section of the forums

  • Have an actual say in what goes on in the guild

Now if you feel like its not safe to register on the forums you have 3 options:
  • Register with a random email and random password it really does not matter

  • Post as a Guest (You wont be able to get the ingame money or ask for ingame help)

  • Don't use the forums at all and just be one of those antisocial people in the guild

I will be hosting some small forum events that you can win ingame prizes. You must be registered to participate.
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PostSubject: Reply to Wintersday   HAPPY WINTERSDAY! EmptyFri Dec 28, 2012 8:33 pm

When will the registered users have the rewards in their account from Wintersday?
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